10 Socially Responsible, Green Innovations that can change the World

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The Environment is arguably one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Today all life on earth is threatened with extinction as climate change, deforestation, and carbon emission lay waste to our planet. The world now, more than ever before demands change, and there is no time left to waste. To quote Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. The future only has space for inventions that are socially responsible at heart and innovative in nature. Here are 10 eco-friendly inventions that that redefine the word Innovative.

1) Solar Paint

Solar Paint

Imagine a house or car that could produce its own energy! Soon this may be possible, as researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have created a paint that can generate hydrogen fuel by absorbing sunlight and moisture. This innovation could potentially change lives by reducing the cost of living and acting as a substitute for non-renewable fuels. Who would have thought simple paint could turn modest houses into powerful producers of energy.

2) Vertical Farming

Vertical FarmingAs the name suggests Vertical farming is literally farming in vertically stacked layers. The most modern and innovative use of Vertical farming is probably its integration into buildings and even skyscrapers, especially those used for commercial or residential purposes. This amalgamation results in green buildings that produce high amounts of oxygen while also fulfilling its original purpose. In dense metropolitan cities, this could be the answer to the alarming pollution levels, as it doesn’t take up space or reduce productivity.


3) Edible Cutlery

Edible CutleryIt seems mad to be eating spoons and forks along with your dinner. However, it could be very convenient and even eco-friendly. Not having to wash would save time, energy, and also precious water. Not having to dispose of plastic would drastically reduce waste. With these very aims, Indian company Bakeys has created edible cutlery, which is 100% vegan, very healthy, scrumptious, low priced, and for all those who don’t fancy a bite, it’s even biodegradable. The innovation checks every box and may help solve many environmental issues.

4) The shoe that grows

The shoe that growsGrowing children outgrow their footwear pretty fast and need to regularly re-buy shoes. However, in many developing nations, some can’t even afford food forget constantly buying shoes that fit. Yet footwear is important as without them the children are prone to injuries and infections. The shoe that grows is an organisation that has created a quality shoe that can grow along with the foot of the person. This allows one shoe to last for many years making it a more affordable and reducing wastage. The show can help provide the underprivileged with a safer and happier childhood.


5) Organic Burial Pods

Organic Burial PodsWouldn’t it be great to have a positive impact on the environment even after one’s death? Traditional wooden coffins with metal and concrete are in many ways pollutants as they take long to break down. However, these organic burial pods called Capsula Mundi are a beautiful solution. The body is placed inside the capsule in a fatal position and then it’s buried into the ground. A sapling is planted above the capsule and the capsule contains nutrients required to nurture the sapling. Thus the Capsula Mundi allows you to sustain new life even after death. In a way, it provides eternal life.

6) LifeStraw

LifeStrawWater is a basic necessity for life, yet 783 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water. LifeStraw tackles this serious problem by enabling people to consume contaminated water. LifeStraw is a one man filter that allows people to directly consume dirty water. In areas suffering from extreme poverty, this invention has the potential to save lives. Along with this LifeStraw is a great product for all campers and trackers especially in an emergency.

7) Pencil Printer

Pencil PrinterThe Pencil Printer has a special mechanism that separates the lead and the shavings. The printer then uses the pencil lead as material to print, thus replacing expensive cartridges with what would otherwise be waste. The printed pages are also erasable and as a result reusable. Therefore with this printer one can save money and trees.

8) Sprout Pencil

Sprout Pencillet’s face it, no one ever finishes using their pencils. As the pencils become too small to use they just get thrown away, adding to the vast sum of waste generated by humans. However, Sprout Pencil allows your pencils to grow into exotic herbs or beautiful flowers. Once the pencil grows too short to use, simply place the stub into a pot of mud, and watch the pencil grow into a lush green plant. Simple yet ingenious, the Sprout pencil is both fun and eco-friendly.

9) AirCarbon

AirCarbonAirCarbon is thermoplastic that is made by sequestering carbon emission that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere. This is done by combining air with methane-based carbon to create a substance that is approximately 40% Oxygen and Air and 60% carbon and hydrogen. AirCarbon can replace oil-based plastics and since it is Carbon negative i.e. it captures more carbon than it emits, it is much better for the environment. The impact of AirCarbon could be huge as it beats oil based plastic in cost while matching its performance.

10) Zero energy building

Zero energy buildingA zero energy building is one that has a net energy consumption of zero i.e. the overall energy consumed is approximately equal to the overall amount of energy produced in one year. Such buildings generate renewable energy by multiple mechanisms such as Solar Energy. Since the building is producing enough energy to meet its own energy requirements, it has almost no adverse effect on the environment. This is a great step forward as it could be instrumental in reducing the exploitation of scarce resources and preventing an energy crisis.

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