10 Clever Winter Gadgets You Need Right Now

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Winters are just around the corner and we can already feel the nice cool weather turning into a chilly breeze. Though winters are beautiful and it is a pleasure to look around everything covered with snow having said that, let’s just admit that not many of us are fond of winters and just wish to stay inside the blankets throughout. But if you are geared up for the winters, you might just love experiencing everything that winters have in store for you whether you wish to have a cosy stay at home or try some adventure outside. Just in case you didn’t know, there are some really cool gadgets designed especially to make winters bearable yet stylish. Here are some gadgets that you might want to own this winters.


This is an electronic heating mat that you can put on the stairs or outside your house to prevent snow accumulation and hence avoiding any injury because of walking and slipping on the ice. The stair mat melts the snow at a rate of 2” per hour by generating heat and evaporating the water right away from the mat itself, leaving your steps clean all day along. This gadget has a standard 120V electrical outlet and can be left outside for the entire cold season. It is certainly a great winter gadget and a must have for a safe winter and minimising your daily efforts of cleaning the snow off your stairs.


It is not possible for everyone to have a wooden fireplace at their house but there is a huge number of electric fireplace available that keeps your home warm and gives a sense of luxury! You don’t really need to bother about gas or wood to produce fire and in fact, they are energy saving as they consume very less power. Once you install it in your house, we bet that will be your favourite spot in the house to sit and relax. Once winters are gone, you can just turn off the heating feature and it will compliment your room décor.


Feeling cold and looking to get some heat instantly? This smart heated top takes only 10 seconds to heat up and keep you warm. These are light, flexible and washable that looks just like any other top. You get an option of setting up the heating levels depending upon the weather outside to low, medium or high! You can connect them with a power bank and they are good to go keeping you cosy for up to 8 hours.


This is a cool blend of style, utility and convenience! It is a stylish wearable winter hat integrated with Bluetooth and built-in headphones and microphone that allows you to listen to your favourite music and answer calls. Just to keep up with the trend, it offers you various colours and styles. These hats are washable and you can easily remove the electronic parts from it without any efforts. That does sound like a substantial deal for coping up with winters, right?


You know the feeling when your hands are just numb and you have tons of work to finish off? Well, if your work is mostly done on laptops or PCs, this tech accessory is a must-have for you! There are some really adorable mouse pads available to keep your hands warm while you are working. All you have to do is connect it with a USB port of a PC or a laptop and you are good to go.



Winter is not just cold but makes the environment dry as well, both outside and inside your house. We do rely on normal room heaters which consume a lot of energy and also dehydrates us. Thanks to the advancement in technology we now have candle powered heaters to counter these disadvantages. Especially, the one we are mentioning here, Egloo, is a smart winter gadget that is 3-in-1 and is a space heater, humidifier and oil diffuser! It has a great design and is portable. It uses smokefree candles and clean burning to heat the space for less than 10 cents per day. You can also add essential oils to the water which gives a very pleasant fragrance to your room.


Winter Traction Footwear makes it easy for you to walk on the ice and gives you a better grip preventing you from slipping and hurting yourself. It is effectual for walking on all types of winter grounds as it provides you insistent traction with the help of the diamond grip. These are easy to put on almost all kinds of shoes due to the elastic yet tough rubber slings. ICEtrekkers comes in four different sizes that can fit almost everyone.


We love our coffee and when it is winters, coffee is a survival trick for all of us. But the most annoying part is that in winters you hardly get to drink your coffee, tea or soup hot. Within a few minutes, your brew is not hot anymore! Ember smart mug has something really thoughtful for you, the ceramic coffee mug is a temperature control mug. If you look at it from a distance, it looks like a usual mug but it actually is connected to a coaster that adjusts the temperature as per your suitability. Since it is a smart mug, it gets connected to an app that alerts you when your drink reaches your preferred temperature.

  • FOOT WARMERS               

Going out in winters means you really need to keep your feet warm whether you are going for work, a walk or adventure sports. The heated insoles use thermal wireless technology and can easily adjust in your shoes. The best part is these are rechargeable and you can use the remote to adjust the temperature to low, medium or high. These rechargeable foot warmers are to be worn outside but you can also check out Nari Narwhal USB Heated Slippers which keeps your feet warm and have a 57’’ long detachable USB that to plug to any USB port. They have really cute and funky designs which you would enjoy wearing otherwise as well.


We just can’t manage our lives without our smartphones which is a problem in winters because we need to take off our gloves but there are a lot of touchscreen friendly gloves. The North Face eTip Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and are not just capable of working through touchscreen but the etip thumb and index finger allow you to make calls, surf the web, and take photos without having to take them off.with all those gadgets, we are sure to have sorted out all of your winter concerns! we hope having a touch of these cool techs will make your winters more fun and cosy inside and outside your homes. looks like we are all set to welcome winters, aren’t we?

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